Auditing is one of the chief activities of our company. Auditing of the annual reports is based on Hungarian accounting regulations and on international principles. The audited report gives a reliable and realistic picture to the investors and creditors of our clients and helps to make well-founded decisions. Our company undertakes continuous and ad hoc engagement agreements. Besides the annual reports our company also undertakes the auditing of transformation balance sheets final settlement balance sheets and liquidation balance sheets. We undertake a company’s finance transformation and evaluation of the apporting before a business decisions. Our auditing judgements are always independent and according to the qualitative expectations.


Our company provides to its clients full-scale auditing according to the Hungarian regulations, daily record keeping and preparing their own auditing regulations. Bookkeeping contains the tasks listed below:

*full-scale bookkeeping based on the bank, cash, customer, delivery and other vouchers
*analytic record keeping of the invested assets
*preparation of interim tax return
*preparation of annual reports according to accountancy standards
*cooperation with the company’s auditor – auditing consultancy
*preparation of reports on possible payable taxes
*preparation of any financial reports required by the clients or their company, also in foreign languages


Nowadays, in this changeable and cost-sensitive economic situation it is expedient to all enterprises to thoroughly deal with taxing. Due to sufficient tax planning and overall knowledge of the tax laws we can achieve considerable tax optimisation in the daily life of our company and we can avoid unnecessary expenses. Taxation consultancy is necessary to have a successful business. Professional advices can save us many frustration and penalties, such as late fees. Save the owners and management of your company from unnecessary penalties. Our company undertakes taxation consultancy in the area of corporation tax, Value Added Tax, individual income tax and in any other tax codes which are connected to payroll accounting. Our partners can provide management consultancy too. Our company cooperates with many lawyer’s offices in different parts of the country so that we can answer our clients’ every question.

Payroll accounting:

Payroll accounting Our company provides full-scale payroll accounting which is closely connected to accounting. Payroll accounting contains the tasks listed below:

*payroll accounting of the employees’ monthly or time-work wages and any other types of wages
*report on the taxes and allowances paid after the wages
*preparation of tax returns
*preparation of NYENYI data supplying
*keeping record of the cafeteria system
*forwarding the list of payroll account on the Internet

Payroll accounting is prepared by a software specially made for payroll accounting.