Audit-ECO Auditing, Bookkeeping and Consulting Ltd.

The Audit-ECO Ltd. has provided professional councils and services for many satisfied clients in the area of bookkeeping, auditing and taxation consultancy since 1995. Among our clients there are enterprises involved in building industry, industry, commerce and in facility. Most of our clients choose our whole service package. This whole service package involves accounting, taxation consultancy and daily financial guidance which can greatly improve our enterprise and can help to acquire business success. The Audit-ECO Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxation Consultancy Ltd. was established in 1995.

The Audit-Eco Auditing, Bookkeeping and Consulting Ltd. is 100% Hungarian, our registry number: 001156. The majority owner, managing director and registered auditor of the company is Bálint Kálmán Bulcsúné dr. Auditor certificate number: 002917 She started her carrier in accountancy in 1978 with practice in administration. Since 1989 she has worked as a chief accountant and she has provided taxation consultancy too. Since 1994 she has been a registered auditor. In 1995 she established the Audit Eco where she works as an auditor, accountant and taxation consultant.

Our company has its own employees and subcontractors. All of our colleagues have university or college degree and degree in accountancy. Due to our colleagues’ and subcontractors’ command of languages we can provide documentaries in English, German, Finnish and Romanian.

The Audit-ECO Ltd. is responsible for privacy in front of a third person.